BP Basics

Blood Pressure Cuffs – Always use the right size

Various complications can arise on account of abnormal fluctuation in blood pressure. The importance of the blood pressure cuff cannot be overstated as it is a device which quickly determines the blood pressure reading of an individual.

As the symptoms of high blood pressure are vague, the only way to determine an accurate blood pressure reading is to  constantly monitor your blood pressure. It will help you to determine if you are suffering from either high or low blood pressure.

High blood pressure can damage your heart, kidneys and blood vessels, silently without any apparent signs. One of its major consequences can be stroke which can prove fatal. Hypertension also increases chances of dementia.

Blood pressure can be measured by a stethoscope or by a blood pressure cuff. As the heart beats it pump bloods out of the arteries,

There are two readings to be found in blood pressure monitoring. One is the systolic blood pressure, the higher heart number and the other is the diastolic blood pressure or lower heart number. These two are recorded in millimeters of mercury or mmHg.

High blood pressure directly affects the chances of  coronary heart illness and stroke.. High blood pressure can be controlled by boosting physical activity, practicing moderation, loosing weight and selecting foods that are low in sodium.

One a thing you must be careful about in measuring blood pressure through blood pressure cuffs is to use blood pressure cuffs which are of the right size. This is all the more relevant in case of overweight people as they can be wrongly diagnosed if a cuff of the wrong size is used to measure their blood pressure.

Imagine what would happen if a wrong sized blood pressure cuff is used to measure the blood pressure of an overweight pregnant woman. The consequences of a wrong diagnosis can be disastrous. Diagnosis of blood pressure problems should be done based upon accurate data, particularly during pregnancy. This is important for the mother’s health as well as the baby’s.

That is why a blood pressure cuff of the right size should be used. In fact, it is important to have a large blood pressure cuff. This is because  an overweight  person’s blood pressure will be increased  artificially if a regular sized cuff is used. If  unsure always go   in for a large size cuff as this will remove chances of a wrong blood pressure reading.