BP Basics

Pick Up The Best Blood Pressure Kit

Various blood pressure kits are available with varying functions, range and quality. But, all blood pressure kits serve the same purpose of helping in keeping track of your blood pressure.

 If you want to have one such kit at home, choose the one that serves your purpose best. These kits are available in the form of arm measurement monitors, wrist monitors or cuff monitors, finger monitors and many more.

Despite the availability of digital devices, manual self testing kit still holds popularity. This kit usually includes a nylon cuff, latex bladder, a manometer, a stethoscope and a calibration screw driver. This sphygmomanometer and stethoscope kit has been in use for quite a long time. But, manual testing procedure is a bit complex one.

Measuring blood pressure with a digital kit is much easier. Once you wrap the cuff on your arm and push the start button, within seconds you get your reading. Digital measurement kit includes a cuff that could be inflated and a LCD display.

But, on a regular basis you must compare your kit to your doctor's kit to check the accuracy of the reading that your kit offers. Moreover, usage procedure varies from kit to kit. So, you must know how to use your kit in the best possible way. For example, in digital kits, be it arm cuff or wrist cuff, right positioning of the cuff is very important. In manual kits you must know right usage of bulb and stethoscope. So, keep any kit at home but use it accurately and know your blood pressure ratings conveniently.