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Cold Medicine And High Blood Pressure

About 65 millions of Americans are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. Blood pressure either hypertension or hypotension will cause complications in your body and the most vulnerable organ is the heart. The heart is the main organ to regulate the pressure of the blood, with its force of sending it to the arteries. Constraint or constrict arteries will require more force of exertion by the heart and the result will be more pressure on the walls of the blood vessels. On the other hand expanded arteries will ensure the chance of very less force from the heart resulting in low blood pressure.

Now, if you are suffering from high blood pressure you need to be extra cautious at every step of your life. A wrong step by you will compensate more than you could think of. Let me talk about some very simple things in our life that we rarely notice. Whenever we suffer from cold, we take less than a minute to rush down for some kind of OTC drug.

Now if you have high blood pressure you may risk yourself with this careless act of buying the OTC cold medicines.

Yes, my dear friend the American Heart Association has declared that the cold medicines or flu medicines contain decongestants. The decongestants can act with the blood pressure medications to pose serious threat to your body. In their declaration of ‘cold medicine high blood pressure’ they have mentioned that the flu medicine taken without the consultation of your doctor can be very harmful to you. The side effects of the complications can be fatal enough to take your life.

How cold medicine high blood pressure act?

The decongestants present in the medicine of cold or flu interacts with the body metabolism and increases the blood pressure to higher level. They also interfere with the chemical nature of the blood pressure medicines and cause toxic elements in the body. These toxics slowly accumulate and suddenly show the symptoms.

Hence, if you are a high blood pressure patient and is under medication, any extra medicine you take for any cause needs supervision of your doctor.