BP Basics

High Blood Pressure Medication Breathing Problems

High blood pressure is often termed as the Silent Killer. No doubt on this entitlement as it has been responsible for deaths of about 2 million people every year. It has been estimated that around 1 in every 4 Americans has been found to be afflicted with the killer disease. Doctors, the globe over, have come to a consensus, that substantial number of illness and diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and coagulation of the heart, can be curtailed, if a check can be put to high blood pressure.

So, then what do you mean by a high blood pressure? Well, blood pressure is the rate at which blood is pumped into the surrounding blood vessels. This rate is supposed to be 120/80. Anything at about 140/90 is considered to be above the normal blood pressure and is termed as High Blood pressure. This is to be of serious concern if the problem persists over a longer period of time. And such prolonged disorder can lead to a stroke, kidney damage, a heart attack, or other very grievous problems. One of the main problems of detecting this problem is that, you do not actually get to know when you’re facing the problem.

The problem is not an easy to cure and can only be cured by bringing about substantial changes in your lifestyle. It could include measures such as increased exercise; lower the intake of caffeine, yogic therapy and relaxation exercises, and weight reduction. But, then as reports have suggested and as the American Heart Association has come to conclude that 70% of the affected patients have failed in getting themselves under control. One of the better techniques suggested to these patients is to lower your respiration rate to about 10 breaths a minute. Such, measures can bring about positive changes in the patient.