BP Basics

How To Read A Blood Pressure Test

Who would like to stand in queue in front of a doctor's clinic to know his or her blood pressure readings? By attaining knowledge about how to read a blood pressure test at home, you may be spared of it. Blood pressure measurement at home allows you to control blood pressure levels according to your own will. It can also lower your blood pressure if you maintain your blood pressure charts. For this, you need best blood pressure monitor that can tell you how to read a blood pressure test at home. The aneroid monitor is considered as the best high blood pressure monitor that can really help you to know how to read a blood pressure test. It comes with an in-built stethoscope and a dial gauge. To know more about the device, read Measuring Blood Pressure: Aneroid Monitor

There are a few steps by which you can use an aneroid monitor. First, insert stethoscope's ear pieces into your ears and place the stethoscope disk inside your elbow's crease. Straighten your left arm and put the cuff on it, around the same height of your heart. Then inflate the cuff by squeezing the rubber bulb. Stop inflating once you cross the systolic reading. Now, slowly deflate the cuff and carefully listen for the 'swoosh' sound through the stethoscope because as you deflate, blood will start flowing again. This is your systolic pressure. Now, keep listening carefully while deflating the cuff and stop where you can no longer hear your heartbeats. This is your diastolic pressure.

So, this is the simple way through which you can read a blood pressure test at home.