BP Basics

Normal Blood Pressure Readings

Blood pressure is defined as the force or pressure exerted by the blood, against the arteries in which it flows. Blood pressure is based on two types of measurement – the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure. Normal blood pressure readings are generally regarded as 120/80. Here the numerator (120) is the systolic pressure and the denominator (80) is the diastolic pressure. Normal blood pressure readings is commonly called “120 over 80”

In a normal adult the measurements for normal blood pressure are:
Systolic:    Less than 120 mm Hg (2.32 psi)
Diastolic:    Less than 80 mm Hg (1.55 psi)
However in children, ranges for normal blood pressure are much lower. This is because in adults there is less flexibility of the arteries. People who maintain a low blood pressure have more mortality and morbidity and better cardiovascular health. But it is really tough to keep your blood pressure normal all the time.

In order to obtain normal blood pressure readings we should keep the following in mind
1. Water - It is the best natural treatment for any kind of disease. Ten glasses of water everyday would keep the amount of toxins and salt in your body under control and blood pressure under normal control.
2. Smoking - It is one of the major factors for the rise in your blood pressure.
3. Exercise - If you have high blood pressure, exercising regularly can lower your blood pressure.
4. Diet - Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can help you to keep your blood pressure with normal limits.
5. Relaxation – Stress is a major problem and should be overcome to keep the blood pressure under control .A lot of stress, depression or anxiety is often considered the prime cause of high blood pressure. So, relaxing will help in controlling high BP readings.