BP Basics

Abnormal Diastolic Pressure, Hypertension

Diastolic pressure is the pressure with in the arteries when the heart is relaxing and expanding. In other words, diastolic pressure is the lower value recorded in the blood pressure measurement. For example, a blood pressure reading “140 over 80 mmHg” or 140/80 suggests number 80 as a diastolic pressure and 140 as a systolic pressure.

A normal diastolic number reads as 90 mmHG. If a person shows in three or more consecutive blood pressure measurements, a diastolic reading more than 90, it is clearly a state of abnormal diastolic pressure. The person is suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure. Such situation should be immediately reported to a doctor. For, it is a precursor to a variety of diseases like strokes and heart failure. So do not ignore your abnormal blood pressure at any cost.

You can get your blood pressure measured with the help of a sphygomamonomter at your doctor's clinic or buy home a digital blood pressure monitor and measure it at home yourself.

But before you go for blood pressure measurement, take care of certain things. Never take the reading immediately after waking up. For, measurement taken too early in the day would be faulty. So, go for a walk, and relax your muscles afterwards. Only the relaxed body is ready for blood pressure monitoring. Also, never indulge in alcohol or cigarettes before the test.