BP Basics

Manage Your Blood Pressure: Are Medicines Safe?

The world today is suffering from a growing menace of hypertension. According to the researchers, between 25 and 33 percent of the population is very serious about this disease and they get their blood pressure level checked on regular basis.

Generally when a person is identified with hypertension, his family doctor prefers suggesting him to bring few changes in his lifestyle instead of prescribing medication right away. In another case, if the hypertension is not mild then the patient may be told to take more than one medicine in order to avoid any serious problem.

One can find a wide range of medicines available in the market, but ACE inhibitors are the most preferred antihypertensive drugs, which help by stopping the production of angiotensin II that, in turn, helps in avoiding the contraction of blood vessels. Daily dose of ACE inhibitors becomes necessary for few high blood pressure patients.

For a smother functioning of heart, physicians sometimes prescribe calcium channel blockers, which is a substitute to ACE inhibitors. By opening up the blood vessels, calcium channel blockers help in avoiding the contraction of these vessels. Being aware of these medicines does not mean that you start choosing on your own. It is only your physician who can prescribe a medicine for you.

The medication for hypertension is prescribed considering many factors like age and pregnancy and can be on temporary or permanent basis. No doubt this disease can normally be seen in either people at older age or in case of pregnant ladies, but the medication becomes a lifetime necessity for the old.

Pregnant ladies are generally the sufferer of hypertension and the worst part is that the physicians normally avoid any type of medication during that period so as not to effect the unborn child. It is generally seen that once the pregnancy period is over, the blood pressure level automatically comes down to the normal.

As I have said earlier, the blood pressure level normally comes to normal after the delivery. But in case it does not, it could be life threatening, and may cause heart attacks, strokes, damaged kidneys, spoiled eyes, and may sometimes lead to renal failure as well, which may require dialysis and transplants.

The main function of kidneys is to clean and excrete the additional liquid and waste from the blood, for which the proper functioning of the blood vessels is very important. And the functioning of the blood vessels gets adversely affected by hypertension.

The person suffering from high blood pressure can also get vision problem, as high pressure can lead to the damage to the retina, which can even cause blindness.

The best way out thus is to avoid hypertension, which you can successfully practice by keeping a healthy lifestyle and keeping a check on your blood pressure regularly so that it could be detected and treated at the earliest.