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Music and Its Relationship with Blood Pressure

We all love listening to music. It has a profound effect on our mind as well as our body. It has the capacity to bring about physiological changes within us. Intensive research has been carried out to determine the affect that music may have on blood pressure. In other words listening to music may bring a change in the blood pressure level of an individual.

A recent study done in Britain which was published in the medical journal has revealed that listening to fast or high pitched music may cause a rise in the blood pressure while listening to slow music lowers the blood pressure. Slow, soft and melodious music helps to bring peace to the mind and lower the blood pressure. These effects are more marked on those who have some kind of music training.

Another study followed by an exhaustive experiment in Britain, it was noticed that a rhythmic music on faster note raises the breathing rate, ventilation, cerebral artery flow speed and the heart beat rate. On the other hand slow music left the opposite effect and the heart rate of the people, on whom the experiment was conducted, decreased

What these experiments managed to prove was a belief held by physicians, psychologists and health workers for a long time, namely that music uplifts our spirits and brings peace to our mind. Of course, soft music that is. Listening to hard or acid rock may surely send your pulse racing in more ways than one.
If you are suffering from high blood pressure then apart from the other medication and lifestyle changes that you are following, it will do you a world of good if you listen to soft or classical music. If you keep listening to music, you feel more positive and at ease with the world. Just concentrate on the sounds of Beethoven, Mozart or Chopin and it will have a healing effect on you.