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Pulmonary Hypertension Litigation California

Pulmonary hypertension litigation in California is related to the lawsuits that are filed by the victims of primary pulmonary hypertension or other heart-valve damages that are the result of taking the Fen Phen drug.

Victims of the Fen Phen drug have filed  lawsuits seeking compensation for the physical and financial losses suffered. There are thousands of lawsuits that have been filed in California against the manufacturer of the drug.

One of the main side effects of the  drug Fen Phen is primary pulmonary hypertension. It is a rare and deadly lung disorder that arises due to the narrowing of the lung’s blood vessels. As a result there is a constriction in the flow of blood.  Primary pulmonary hypertension results in fainting, dizziness, coughing up of blood and chest pain under the sternum. 

Now, Fen Phen drugs known as Redux or Pondimin were prescribed in the 1990’s as weight loss drugs and were aimed at reducing obesity. At that time, they were taken by millions of people. Unfortunately, the uses of Fen Phen, Fen Floramine, Phentermine, Pondimin or Redux drugs lead to long term health risks and the development of fatal primary pulmonary hypertension. 

The sufferers of the side effects of Fen Phen took to legal recourse to demand compensation for the physical and financial suffering what came to be known as pulmonary hypertension litigation California.   

In the legal proceedings against the manufacturer of Fen Phen, pulmonologists and medical experts have proved that the FDA approved appetite suppressant called Fen Phen can lead to primary pulmonary hypertension.
After the establishment of the connection between diet drug Fen Phen and primary pulmonary hypertension, it has been seen that there are hordes of litigations filed against the manufacturer for compensation.

Almost six to seven millions of consumers of such drugs have unknowingly risked themselves against primary pulmonary hypertension. Since then, primary pulmonary hypertension lawsuits have been filed as an effective legal means to get claims against the makers of such damaging medicines for damages involving medical bills, income losses, physical sufferings, deterioration in quality of life, and punitive compensation.