BP Basics

Reasons behind the Incidence of High Blood Pressure in Women 

The percentage of young women diagnosed with high blood pressure is on the rise. Several factors contribute to high blood pressure in women. These need to be understood. Ignoring the basic symptoms of high blood pressure may lead to medical problems such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease or blindness.

Pregnant women, more often in the last trimester, tend to develop high blood pressure. Doctors keep a close tab on their blood pressure during the term and specifically during the last trimester.

High blood pressure can be dangerous for the health of the mother and the baby. If a woman already has high blood pressure, a pregnancy may increase the severity of the condition. In such cases, careful treatment and timely precautions can ensure a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption combined  with the use birth control pills can be extremely dangerous. Taking birth control pills triggers high blood pressure in some women, especially if they are overweight or have a family history of hypertension, kidney disorder or conditions of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Overweight women are advised to keep their weight under control. This can be done by exercising regularly and eating a balanced healthy diet.

Although it is not very certain, another reason that may cause high blood pressure  is menopause. A combination of factors such as age, weight, and sodium balance can be the cause of increased incidence of hypertension after menopause.

High blood pressure is not a hereditary condition. There is always a chance that women, with a family history of hypertension may suffer from this condition at any stage during their life span.

High blood pressure can be cured by medication and a change in lifestyle. It is a condition that can be controlled and managed. It is essential that the disease be diagnosed as early as possible. It may otherwise result in other medical and health problems.