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Some Reasons For High Blood Pressure In the Colored Population

If you are a colored person then you need to take extra care of your blood pressure. Studies have shown that colored people are more susceptible to heart problems, kidney disorders, and high blood pressure.
These studies have noted that the colored population is more susceptible to high blood pressure or hypertension as compared to the white population.

A number of studies are being carried out to find out the causes of high blood pressure in the colored population. These studies have considered genetics and environment as the two main factors.

Genetics: The colored population is more genetically inclined to problems related to blood pressure. This group responds differently to hypertension medicines than other population groups. They are more sensitive to sodium chloride or common table salt. A slight increase in consumption may trigger off an increase in blood pressure.

Environment: It has also been found that the colored people living in Africa are less prone to high blood pressure than the ones living in America. This has led to a conclusive theory that environment also may plays a role in the occurrence of high blood pressure in the colored population. If you compare global data, you will find that the percentage of colored people suffering from high blood pressure compared to other races is not unusually high.

In the US however, the number of colored people suffering from high blood pressure is higher than other races. This gives a much stronger reason for scientists to believe that environment and lifestyle have contributed to the situation. Another debated and controversial theory is that socio economic disparity is also responsible.

These studies have concluded that a combination of genetics, obesity, eating habits, intake of more sodium and less potassium, and the stress of discrimination may be responsible for the higher incidence of  high blood pressure condition in the colored population.