Hypertension Treatment

Have You Gone DASH For Controlling Your Hypertension?

Well, it is a proven fact that you can control high blood pressure with the combination of certain lifestyle changes and medication. The required lifestyle changes generally include adopting some healthy habits and making certain essential dietary changes in your eating habits.

To be precise, you have to go DASH way to manage your high blood pressure. DASH is basically Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension.

The effectiveness of DASH plan is well established by many of the recent research findings. The research findings on this topic by scientists from the John Hopkins University are published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The findings do not belong to just one research group. Identical results were obtained from 5 major medical centers who experimented with diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Blood pressure had to beat the retreat in the face of this diet discipline and plan. The DASH DIET, is just a decade old institution, found in the year 1996, when diseases related to high blood pressure and low blood pressure seem to threaten the world!

The results of the experiments were revealing and encouraging. Those on vegetables and fruits diet had a significant lowering of systolic blood pressure. Changes began to occur within one week of starting the diet plan. After one year of participating in the DASH DIET program, apart from the blood pressure level, the participants lost weight as well and this was a welcome development by overall physical standards.

Here is one interesting fact observed by the scientists. The daily use of olive oil is highly beneficial in controlling high blood pressure. From the point of view of digestion, olive oil gets the nod of approval.

The olive oil in any diet system has proved to be the most effective agent. Without fault, it is instrumental in reducing the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. When this is achieved, you can rest assured that you shall never be the victim of cardiovascular disease.

Right balance in your dietary habits and lifestyle habits is certainly the positive move to control your blood pressure. All the best!