Hypertension Treatment

Understanding The Medication For High Blood Pressure

People monitored with blood pressure reading less than 159/99 are considered to be Mild Hypertension patients. Their condition is not considered as dangerous and many doctors do not feel comfortable while prescribing medication for them. They feel that the medicines used during this time would have side effects and could be even more dangerous to the person than his moderately high blood pressure.

But times have changed and seems as if doctors have also changed. Following a recent research and survey, doctors have started treating “Stage 1 Hypertension”, which means the stage of a person where his readings is anywhere between 140/90 and 159/99 Hg, with the help of medicines wherever necessary. If the reading of a person is 130/80 and he is also suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, his treatment is very carefully carried out.

With the help of medicines available today, the levels of blood pressure can be controlled even with small doses resulting in less harm to the body and with a low risk of side effects.

One can find a wide range of medicines for high blood pressure available in the market from different manufacturers and in addition to that, combinations of certain types of drugs are also sometimes included in these “antihypertensive drugs”. Though these new medicines differ in chemical make up and structure but normally produce similar effects on the human body.

With the kind of range of medicines for high blood pressure available in the market, doctors can choose the medicines best suited for their individual patients and may prescribe medicines with less side effects in order to avoid any future complications. In comparison with the older treatments, doctors today can provide treatment for conditions like Hypertension and associated problems like congestive heart failure even with the help of a single course of medicines.

While treating Hypertension, doctors normally start slow and low, and increase the dosage gradually until the blood pressure level comes down to the normal level, but in certain cases it might not help. In those cases where the patient does not show any signs of improvement or is suffering from the side effects of medicines, the doctors replace the medicines.

In the present treatment for Stage 1 Hypertension, one is normally given one drug and if the blood pressure level does not come down to a targeted level of 140/90 Hg, a second dose is administered. But this is not the target level for every individual, as it has to be further lowered to 130/80 Hg for the patients suffering from diabetes or chronic kidney disease.

The treatment for the old levels of conventional High Blood Pressure, which today goes by the name of “Stage 2 Hypertension”, is generally started with at least 2 drugs and the addition of third drug is made if the patient is not responding according to the doctor.

In order to cure Hypertension, do not just depend on the medication alone. You can improve the effect of these medicines along with bringing few changes in your present lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet, reduce or stop the intake of alcohol, start exercising regularly and say a big ‘no’ to smoking.