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Hypertension Causes Altitude

People often search on the net for &hypertension causes altitude' which actually means that altitude may cause high blood pressure or not. Whether altitude causes pulmonary hypertension or not is a point still under consideration. It has been proved that people living above an altitude of 8,000 feet may develop pulmonary hypertension as a result of low blood oxygen (hypoxemia) if it happens, it constricts the small pulmonary arteries. People who climb to high elevations without first becoming acclimated are more at risk. Climbers, unaccustomed to high altitudes are also at risk of pulmonary edema, a condition in which the air sacs in the lungs fill with fluid instead of getting filled with air and which is always associated with pulmonary hypertension. For further information, read Hypertension And Pulmonary Veno-Occlusive.

Pressure in the lungs can be caused by several diseases. The blood vessels in the lungs are very sensitive to oxygen. Less oxygen means narrower blood vessels. Narrow blood vessels require higher blood pressure to push blood through. This effect is similar to decreasing the size of the blood vessels in the lungs. In a similar fashion, when there is more blood in the lungs, pressure tends to increase.

In fact the term 'hypertension causes altitude' is a misnomer. Correct term would be, altitude causes hypertension (pulmonary). Most of the mountain climbers develop pulmonary hypertension, the natural result of breathing thin air.

To help reduce your chances of getting pulmonary hypertension, you should better maintain normal blood pressure before coming to a place of high altitude. Other precautions involve quitting smoke and controlling asthma effectively. Blood pressure machines and equipment help you to reduce blood pressure. Also, it is important to know as to what causes high blood pressure or hypertension to cure high blood pressure. Blood pressure monitor like the samsung blood pressure monitor give you the important blood pressure information. You can lower blood pressure naturally with blood pressure herbal remedy.