Hypertension Treatment

Hypotension Causes

Primary and secondary hypertension are the two main types of hypertension. More than 90 % of hypertension cases have no known or identifiable cause. This type of hypertension is called primary or essential hypertension. For more information on the causes, read What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Secondary hypotension causes are other diseases or medications. Treating the underlying cause can sometimes cure this type of hypertension. Secondary hypertension may be caused by:

1) Kidney problems- Kidney problems account for a large percentage of secondary hypertension. Normally, the kidneys play an important role in fluid and blood pressure control.

2) Coarctation of the aorta is an inborn, abnormal narrowing of the primary blood vessel supplying blood to the body from the heart.

3) Prescription and non-prescription drug usage.

4) Recreational drug such as ecstasy and cocaine can cause hypertensive crisis and death.

5) Sleep apnoea– Research indicates a connection between obstructed breathing during sleep and hypertension. The effect persists during the waking hours.

If your blood pressure levels are high, you should seriously lower your blood pressure immediately. Secondary hypotension causes can be cured keeping these other illnesses/conditions under control, to help keep your blood pressure under control through blood pressure medicine and blood pressure herbal remedy. Blood pressure monitor is essential in the face of volatile heart rate and blood pressure. You should buy a blood pressure monitor to keep track and lower blood pressure. You can take the help of blood pressure equipment such as professional blood pressure monitor such as Samsung blood pressure monitor and blood pressure medication for the treatment of high blood pressure.