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A&D Medical LifeSource UA-787EJ Digital Blood Pressure Monitor- A Review

A& D LifeSource UA-787EJ is a digital blood pressure monitor which has been clinically validated to give accurate blood pressure readings of people who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, or irregular heartbeat. The best part is that all this can be done while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Features of A& D LifeSource UA-787EJ

* Clinically validated for accuracy
* Easy-Fit cuff fits most arms
* Fast measurement
* Memory big enough to store up to 60 readings
* Irregular Heartbeat feature
* Date/Time Stamp that makes storage and retrieval of data easy
* Large digital display
* Pressure Rating Indicator
* Displays average readings
* Three programmable alarms

Some Good Things about It

* UA-787EJ has the ability to store up to 60 blood pressure readings. Users are also able to see the average readings. This makes it convenient for them to monitor the rise and fall in their blood pressure levels.
* UA-787EJ comes with the capability of adapting to irregular heart beat. Hence, people with irregular heart beats need not worry about inaccurate readings.
* UA-787EJ comes with an excellent Easy-Fit cuff which can be wrapped and taken off very easily and quickly.
* UA-787EJ comes with an AC adaptor for easy recharge. There are no batteries involved which save you money on replacement batteries as well.
* UA-787EJ comes with a limited life-time manufacturing guarantee.

A Few Shortcomings in UA-787EJ

* A few users have complained about the accuracy of the results obtained.
* While it has been claimed that the Easy-Fit cuff fits everyone, the reality is different. Due to its limited stretching abilities, wrapping the wrist band on hands measuring more than 43 cm becomes difficult.
* Though the UA-787EJ can run on batteries (4 AA alkaline batteries), there are no batteries included in the pack. You need to buy them separately.

How Much Would It Cost

The regular shelf-price of UA-787EJ is $119.95. However, search on different internet stores can fetch users some really good deals. The UA-787EJ would come with a carrying pouch and an AC Adapter, a three language (English, French and Spanish) instruction guide and a logbook for keeping a tab on blood pressure levels in the last four weeks.


There are an estimated 10 million Americans who suffer from high blood pressure levels. UA-787EJ comes as a boon for them as it allows them to measure their blood pressure levels quickly and accurately. The device is not all that expensive, is easy to use and extremely functional as well. It is a reliable way to monitor blood pressure levels, that too while sitting in the comfort of your homes.