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A&D Medical LifeSource UA-767T- A Review

LifeSource's UA-767T is a portable upper arm blood pressure monitoring device which is renowned for its accurate reading. However, its best known feature is the ability of the device to tell users in a digital voice pulse and blood pressure readings.


* The UA-767T has a digital voice which clearly announces pulse and pressure readings.
* One-button operation makes it easy to use.
* The Easy-Fit cuff can be inflated on the touch of a button.
* Users can store up to 30 readings in UA-767T's memory.
* The UA-767T has a 16mm digital display. The readings are, thus, clearly visible. Apart from the usual information users get pulse, diastolic and systolic pressure.
* The list price of the UA-767T is $120.00. However, prospective buyers can find discounted prices on different online health stores.
* The package includes a three language (English, French, and Spanish) Instruction manual. If users want it then they can also get an audio Instruction manual.
* It comes with a lifetime warranty.


* The best advantage which LifeSource UA-767T offers is to the visually impaired. LifeSource UA-767T has an inbuilt speaker system which tells out aloud pulse and blood pressure readings to visually impaired users.
* Blood pressure monitors from LifeSource are known for their accuracy and the same is the case with LifeSource UA-767T.
* Though the cuff comes in medium size large and small cuffs are available.
* It has a fairly large display which gives all relevant information in one go.
* It comes with a lifetime warranty.


* The primary negative thing about it is its cost. At $ 120.00, it is a bit expensive for a portable blood monitor as there are many less-than $100.00 monitors available in the market. The inclusion of the voice unit makes it at least twice the cost of the basic model. Hence, if users do not need it, they can simply buy a base model.
* Another negative thing about it is that there are no headphones provided in the package. Privacy and convenience need to be obtained by users after separately buying a headphone. That means added expenditure on top of list price.
* The cuff is available in medium size though large and small cuffs are available too. Hence, users need to ensure that they get the cuff of their choice.


The UA-767T is a highly accurate and easy to operate portable blood monitoring device. Hence, users (especially the visually impaired) can buy it. However, for those who have limited budget for equipment like this the UA-767T is not the best deal. It is best that they scout the market for some basic models which give them the relevant information.