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Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor- A Review

This portable blood pressure monitoring device from Omron is quite unique as it comes with an Advanced Positioning Sensor Technology. This intelligent positioning system ensures that the wrist is at the heart level so that the readings obtained are accurate. Further, the SigmaCuff and IntelliSense technology incorporated into it also helps in getting accurate readings.

Features of Omron HEM-650:

* One touch operating
* Detects irregular heartbeat
* Memory storage that holds up to 90 readings
* Can average the last 3 readings
* Pulse rate and pressure readings fall in the range of 40 to 180 (Pulse) and 0 to 299 mmHg (Blood pressure)
 * Extra large digital display
* Displays date and time, pulse and systolic & diastolic blood pressure.
* Comes with pre-formed wrist cuff which are durable. They can fit wrist size from 5.25" and going up to 8.5" in circumference.

How Much would it Cost?

A single unit of this portable blood pressure monitoring device can cost you $106.00. However, you would definitely get better bargain deals across different health stores on the internet. Surf and search a bit to find the best deal. The pack would contain the following:
* 1 unit Omron HEM-650
* Storage case
* 2 AAA alkaline batteries
* Instruction guide


* This portable blood pressure monitoring unit is quite cheap in comparison to other models. On some health stores you can get it for half the list-price.
* It comes with an Advance Positioning Sensor which ensures that your wrist is placed at the heart level so that an accurate reading can be obtained.
* It is a no-fuss, fast and one-touch system that gives accurate readings quickly.
* Measuring only 2-3/4 x 2-1/8 x 1-7/16 inches (WxHxD) without wrist cuffs, it is an extremely portable device.
* It falls into the budget of almost everybody. Hence, all can buy it.


* The first negative thing is that it only has one type of power supply- AAA alkaline batteries. Once they are over you need to buy a fresh pair of batteries and keep on doing it. An inbuilt battery which could be charged using an AC adapter is missing from this product.
* Wrist monitors are somewhat inaccurate. In fact, their accuracy levels are below arm monitors.
* The Advanced Positioning Sensor technology can make the positioning of wrist slightly tricky.
* It has a limited warranty period- only 5 years.


If your budget is small but you still want to buy a portable blood pressure monitoring device then the Omron HEM-650 is a good option for you. It is cheap, easy to use and gives you all relevant information.