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Omron HEM-705CP Blood pressure Monitor- A Review

If you find that voice response in a blood pressure monitor as an extremely "cool" feature you should wait to see this one. The Omron HEM-705CP is a blood pressure monitor which allows you to not only know your blood pressure readings it also allows you to print them and keep them for later reference purposes. a printer has been thrown in as a standard part of the package.


* The Omron HEM-705CP is an arm blood pressure monitor.
* The accuracy of Omron HEM-705CP has been clinically proven.
* It has a memory unit which can store up to 28 readings with Date-Time tag.
* In order to increase the number of readings which can be recalled the Omron HEM-705CP is provided with a printer which allows user to print the blood pressure and pulse readings in a bar graph or numerical form. This printer is a small unit attached with the monitor; printing thus becomes easier.
* The cuff can easily fit around arms with circumference ranging from 9 to 13".
* While the monitor system runs on batteries, the option of AC adapter functioning is there in the Omron HEM-705CP.
* The Omron HEM-705CP comes with a 5 year warranty.


* The attached printer with the Omron HEM-705CP makes data storage limitless. This
Allows users to bypass the 28-reading memory limit. They can print all their blood pressure
pulse readings and store them for future reference purposes.
* It is easy to use and promptly gives the required readings.
* Its easy-to-read digital display allows users to view three readings at the same time- pulse
reading and systolic and diastolic pressure readings.


* The memory is small. It can store only up to 28 readings while everything can be printed
and kept aside for future reference. However, that is a cumbersome process and chances of
readings getting lost can not be denied. A good sized inbuilt would have solved the problem.
* The blood pressure monitor and the printer unit run on 2 set of AA batteries. These are not
provided in the pack. Users need to buy them separately. Similarly, the AC adapter mode is
optional and can be purchased separately.
* Those with arm circumference below 9" and above 13" need to buy cuffs separately.
* There are no extra rolls thrown into the package. You need to buy them separately.


The Omron HEM-705CP is quite a unique package available in the market. Retailing for around $ 94.95 (though more discounts can be found on different internet health stores), it is a hassle-free way of measuring and storing blood pressure and pulse readings. Though it only has a limited memory, the printer overcomes this shortcoming. Users can print the information and store it aside.