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Omron HEM-711AC Blood Pressure Monitor- A Review

Omron HEM-711AC is yet another example of cheap but durable portable blood pressure monitors. It provides accurate readings and is quite easy to operate. All one needs to do is to push a button that inflates the cuff. Readings too are obtained promptly.


* Omron HEM-711AC is based upon an IntelliSense system which uses the oscillometric method and a fuzzy logic to measure blood pressure. As a result, it can adjust to variable conditions and still give accurate readings.
* Omron HEM-711AC is provided with a 2.5" inch liquid crystal display.
* The large display of Omron HEM-711AC displays three readings simultaneously- pulse readings, diastolic and systolic pressure.
* The memory provided in the monitor is somewhat small. It can hold only up to 60 readings with Date-time tags.
* The wrap-around cuff fits arms whose circumference is around 9 to 13 inches. 
* Omron HEM-711AC runs on both batteries as well as AC adapter. The AC adapter comes along with the monitor. However, batteries are not included in the pack. Users need to buy them separately.
* The list price of Omron HEM-711AC is around $79.95. However, discounted rates can be obtained on many internet health equipment stores.
* Omron HEM-711AC comes with a 5 year warranty.


* Omron HEM-711AC is accurate in the reading it provides.
* Runs on both types of power- AC as well as DC (4 AA batteries are required to run in this mode).
* The monitor can store up to 60 readings with date-time tag.
* In comparison to others, it is very cheap to buy. Hence, everybody can afford it.
* It is very silent but fast in operation.


* The small size of the cuff is a problem for many. Those users who had big arms found it difficult to wrap the band around their arms.
* Some users have reported that it lacks a positioning sensor which could help them accurately position the cuff on their arm.
* For some users the bulky size of the unit was a big put off. As a result of its big size, they found it too cumbersome and heavy to handle.


Users have concluded that it is a relatively cheap blood pressure monitoring device which is both inexpensive and yet reliable monitor to use. Though the users might find the readings a bit irregular, that is mostly the result of wrong placing of the arm cuff. Once the correction is rectified it can give them the same accurate readings which they would have otherwise got from a physician.

Hence, if you are planning to buy a blood pressure monitor you can consider it as a worthy option.