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Omron HEM-790IT Blood Pressure Monitor- A Review

Omron's HEM-790IT blood pressure monitor is an excellent automatic blood pressure monitor which comes along with a health management software. The best part is that it not only allows you to know your blood pressure levels, it also allows you to share this information with your physician. The blood pressure readings get stored for further retrieval purposes.


* Omron's HEM-790IT comes with a health management software.
* Easy to operate 1 touch mechanism.
* Large LCD display unit.
* Information such as excessive body motion, irregular heart beat and morning hypertension is indicated on the display. Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure (along with pulse) is also indicated.
* Fast processor allows calculation and display of average of 3 readings after every 1 minute.
* Memory enough to hold 200 measurements. It can store measurements for two different users.
* Date-time info is attached with the readings and stored in the memory.
* ComFit cuffs can be easily wrapped around wrists of size up to 17" in circumference.
* It detects irregular heartbeats. It is also able to accurately detect morning hypertension.
* Comes with a highly advance PC-based health management software which allows sharing of data with the physician as well.


* The best feature of HEM-790IT Blood Pressure Monitor is that two people can use it at the same time. This means that they can store their individual blood pressure readings together for further retrieval.
* It has a faster processing capability than other similar monitors in the market.
* The cuff is automatically inflated.
* It comes with an excellent health management software.
* It comes with both an AC adapter and alkaline batteries.
* It is accompanied by an advanced health management software.


* It has a limited range of operating. Temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius while operating and 60 degrees Celsius while storage.
* It has only 5 year limited warranty.

The Cost:

The price of a single unit of Omron HEM-790IT blood pressure monitor is around $129.99. However, if you check out different internet stores then you can find out a reasonably decent discounted price as well. However, take into consideration the shipping charges before you buy. The pack would contain the following:

* HEM-790IT Blood Pressure Monitor
* Carrying case
* CD-Rom containing the advance health management software
* USB cable for transferring data onto a PC.
* AC adapter and batteries (4 AA size)


HEM-790IT Blood Pressure Monitor is a good deal, especially when there are two people in the house whose blood pressure levels need to be monitored simultaneously. For the price of one it serves the needs of two people. The monitoring device is good even otherwise, with almost all relevant and accurate features.