Low BP

5 Major Contributors To Low Blood Pressure Or Hypotension

Low blood pressure is no less threatening than high blood pressure. In fact this problem of low blood pressure which is also known as Hypotension often leads to dangerous consequences. In case of hypotension your blood moves in arteries or entire circulatory system with less than required pressure. Due to this, blood movement becomes slow. Because of this slowed rate of blood circulation all vital parts of body get less than the sufficient volume of blood to carry out the normal functioning. That is, functions of all of your vital organs get retarded due to hypotension.

Although there exists some explicit reasons of hypotension; still, it becomes difficult to ascertain exact causes for it in most of the cases.

1) Drugs and Medication:
Hypotension often develops due to consumption of drugs used for various purposes. For example use of anti depressants can immediately result in low level of blood pressure. Medications used in cardiovascular complications could also facilitate hypotension. If you are using Diuretics continuously, major side-effects will definitely include low blood pressure. All high blood pressure medications if used over a period of time would give way to low BP.

2) Alcohol Consumption:
Excessive alcohol consumption may also affect blood flow by lowering level of blood pressure. Some analgesics have been also found reducing blood pressure.

3) Over all health and diseases:
An impending stroke could also be a cause of hypotension. That's why people with cardiac complications are said to be extremely careful of hypotension. A chronic diabetic may also suffer from blood pressure disorder. Thus low BP could be termed as by product of different maladies. However cardiac diseases remain major contributor to low BP.

Anatomical inflammations may also cause hypo tension. For example- pancreatic swelling, cardiac inflammation and enlarged liver.

A nervous system disorder known as Vasovagal reaction that is identified by fear or trauma contributes to low blood pressure.

4) Dehydration:
Dehydration undoubtedly happens to be the most common cause of low blood pressure. Dehydration may be due to less water consumption, vomiting, excess sweating and diarrhea. There could other reasons of dehydration too.

5) Diet:
Low blood pressure could be also due to undernourishment or poor dietary habits. Less than required calorie intake tends to slow pace of blood circulation thus retards function of vital organs.

Despite the number of varied reasons of this ailment, the lower bp is identified with some common symptoms or indicators. These are regular headaches, irregular breathing, dizziness and excess vomiting.

Whatsoever may be the cause, you low BP could be cured well. Be positive while undergoing treatment for low BP as it would help you in your quest to overcome hypotension.