Low BP

Hypotension Symptom

Hypotension also known as low blood pressure is caused by blood vessel dilation reducing the blood pressure. In hypotension, the blood pressure is not sufficient to deliver enough blood and oxygen to the organs of the body. The organs do not work properly and may be permanently damaged. To know about hypotension symptoms, read What Are Common Causes And Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure?

Here are some of the important causes and symptoms of low blood pressure:

1) Pericarditis
2) Faulty diet
3) Pulmonary embolism
4) Dehydration and bleeding
5) Weak heart muscle
6) Some medicines like calcium channel blockers and beta blockers can also cause low blood pressure. Medicines used to treat high blood pressure and depression can also cause low blood pressure symptoms in some cases.

Hypotension symptoms:

I) Lightheadedness
II) Dizziness
III) Blurred Vision
IV) Exercise intolerance
V) Clamminess
VI) Chest discomfort or pain
VII) Flushing
VIII) Anxiety
IX) Headache/migraine
X) Fatigue
XI) Intolerance to heat
XII) Blood pooling in the limbs
XII) Delayed gastric emptying

If you find any of the following symptoms in progression to your health, you must consult your doctor immediately. This might be a clear signal of low blood pressure. If it is not treated on time, it can cause so many complications, hence controlling blood pressure is a major concern which can be done by keeping a record of heart rate and blood pressure, using blood pressure monitor and maintaining blood pressure charts. The blood pressure information helps maintain proper blood pressure levels.