Low BP

Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Low blood pressure is not considered as dangerous as high blood pressure. However, hypotension as the condition is also referred to should not be taken too lightly. It can lead to complications especially in delicate situations like pregnancy. The blood pressure of pregnant women normally goes down in the first stages that is within the first twenty-four weeks and gradually rises to a normal range in the final stage.

Low blood pressure is caused due to a variety of reasons. It may stem from dehydration, clogging of blood in the legs leading to restricted supply of blood to the brain and also due to the fact that certain sexual hormones are released in the body of pregnant women which widen blood vessels heightening the feeling of dizziness, nausea, thirst, cold, depression and problems of vision in some cases. Another reason which leads to low blood pressure is the fact that the circulatory system of the mother rapidly adjusts itself to cater to the baby’s blood supply. Moreover, apart from all these reasons, a history of certain diseases can also be the cause of low blood pressure during pregnancy. These ailments can be those of the heart or of any problem within the endocrine system. 

However pregnant women must necessarily seek expert advice. Though medication may not be required in all cases, certain precautions are of paramount importance. Dehydration has to be avoided and ample water must be consumed when the symptoms occur. One must not stand in a particular position for too long nor stand erect suddenly from a sitting posture. Also one must try and lie not on the back but sideways because lying straight can increase the amount of pressure that the growing uterus puts on the vena cava and aorta. Exercise is another way to keep low blood pressure at bay.

In certain cases the situation does tend to get out of hand. Here doctors may advice measures to increase the falling blood pressure. If low blood pressure is on account of severe dehydration, then fluids are injected intravenously. On the other hand, pressure decreasing due to clogged blood can be treated with the help of stockings which use the gradual compression technology.

Though low blood pressure can be treated, it is best to avoid it. This might require a little extra effort like going in for regular check-ups, maintaining a proper chart of all blood pressure readings and following a regulated lifestyle. All this is actually worth the pain because it ensures and successful term.