Low BP

What Causes Low Blood Pressure?

It is simple to understand. If your blood pressure is below the normal level, taking into consideration your age and activity levels, you have low blood pressure. Prolonged illness, taking drugs that have reputation for lowering the blood pressure like alpha blockers could be the other reasons for your low blood pressure condition.

In low blood pressure you feel dizzy, you are unable to stand up, and may even faint sometime. Hence you need to consult your physician immediately when you have a low BP.

The causes for low blood pressure too are many. With the advancing age, blood pressure problems surface. The arteries stiffen and become less supple and the even blood flow is hampered. When you stand up, your blood pressure may fall. You can still carry on with the normal life with low blood pressure and there is not much to worry. But if the BP is too low, it is a dangerous situation. It could be an invitation to death!

The following are the possible symptoms of abnormal low blood pressure: Fainting, transient blurring of vision, over exertion, extreme confusion. But with the normalization of the blood pressure, these symptoms will subside gradually.

Now medications prescribed for high blood pressure, heart diseases, anxiety, depression and some of the diuretics or “water-tablets” and painkillers could also cause low blood pressure. Pain killers with the combination of alcohol could also pave a way for low blood pressure. More serious causes of low blood pressure are heart disease and heart valve disease, changes in heart rhythm, kidney diseases, bacterial infection in the system and bleeding.

In general terms, poor diet, and unimaginative lifestyles are the prime causes of this medical condition of low blood pressure. The type of food that you take must assist the perfect metabolism in your body. If the metabolism is perfect, the blood flow also will be perfect, to all part of your body. Once you have the problems like blood pressure, recurring medication could well be a cause of some other ailments. So, your health care strategy needs a total revamp!