Does Aspirin Lower Blood Pressure?

The treatment of blood pressure depends a lot on its causing factors. Medications like diuretics, alpha blockers, calcium beta blockers etc are given by doctors after the existence and nature of blood pressure in your body is confirmed. Many people commit the mistake of taking medicines without prescription.


How to Raise Your Blood Pressure?

This might seem to be an interesting task but to raise the level of blood pressure in one's body is a complex process. In cases of severe low blood pressure, an aggressive treatment is required since it could lead to the non-availability of adequate blood for the functioning of the vital organs such as, the heart, brain and the kidneys.


What Is Hypotension?

Hypotension is a state of abnormally low blood pressure. Hypotension by itself is not a disease, it is a physiological condition. There is a sympathetic nervous system that regulates the blood pressure level in human body and its effect is balanced by the autonomic nervous system.