BP Basics

Aspirin and Hypertension- Pros and Cons Go Side by Side

Aspirin is a drug t

hat helps to reduce fever, pain and inflammation. Another effect of this drug is that it reduces blood clotting. Cardiologists routinely prescribe aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease. It is also prescribed to control hypertension in people who are above 50 and whose blood pressure is lower than 150/90 mmHg.


Causes Behind Ocular Hypertension

Ocular hypertension is the state when the pressure in the eyes also called intraocular pressure rises above the normal levels. Elevated levels of intraocular pressure can lead to glaucoma. However, chances of vision loss or optic nerve damage are minimal is this condition.


High Blood Pressure And Women

If we look at the statistics, then women do not appear to have high blood pressure as often and as early as men. That does not rule out the chances of women suffering from this disease, especially after the onset of menopause. Women need to understand the risk factors and the implications involved.


Actonel And High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure in your body can be triggered by any external factor. Blood circulation and heart are sensitive to changes within the body caused due to medicine, food and other things. In our lifetime we come may suffer from a  number of ailments and take regular medicines. These medications may have side effects.


Coffee and High Blood Pressure 

The relationship between coffee and high blood pressure has always been a controversial and much debated issue. A particular school of thought holds the view that coffee causes high blood pressure, whereas another holds a view diametrically opposite. The results of medical research have been inconsistent and are probably one of the reasons that the debate behind the issue carries on.