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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Is Essentially For Home Use

The steady increase in the number of high blood pressure patients is alarming. If blood pressure were a disease in itself, waiting to be cured, people would not have bothered much. Like any other disease, it would have had a gestation period of say about 15 days, one month, three months or above ... and then it would have been cured. The patient would have said, “I had blood pressure, now I am completely cured!” Unfortunately, this is not the case. This never happens. Many other dreaded companions of high blood pressure, like heart attack, damaged liver, and kidney failure, wait in the wings, to give it robust support. What a clever concealer high blood pressure is!


Important Things About Your Sphygmomanometer

Sphygmomanometer is the most commonly used equipment to meter blood pressure. As with any other equipment there are certain things that you should keep in mind while measuring your blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer. They are :