BP Monitor

Blood Pressure Kits Could Be A Big Help

As per the study published in the journal of AMA (American Medical Association), if you measure your blood pressure at home, the testing would give you a better overall status of your blood pressure than if you get it measured at a doctor's clinic.

To carry out this function of measuring blood pressure at home, a blood pressure kit is definitely an indispensable product that you would require. Your blood pressure kit should contain:

a) Heart monitoring device
b) Home blood pressure machine
c) Remote monitoring equipment
d) Rest depends on the conditions or as prescribed by the doctor.

There are so many kits available in the market. So, it becomes very difficult to choose the best and right one for yourself. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), finger or wrist devices do not give accurate measurement.

Remember, blood pressure monitor is very important part of your blood pressure kit, so do look for the features mentioned below:

1) Size of the cuff should be right or as advised. To know the right size for yourself, consult your doctor or pharmacist. They will tell you the required size of the cuff or the size that fits your arm. If the size of the cuff is wrong, the reading would be wrong either.

2) Your monitor should show the number clearly so that you are able to read correctly.

3) Make sure you are able to hear the heart sounds clearly while using the stethoscope.

4) To check the accuracy of the readings at least once, go to your doctor and compare the readings on your cuff with the professional model and if the two match then it is a fine thing to use.

These are the things we need to keep in my mind while buying a kit. Having a blood pressure kit is very beneficial. It is sure to prove its worth by keeping a check on your blood pressure levels.