BP Monitor

Some New Device To Measure Blood Pressure

Earlier, we did not have a great deal of devices to measure blood pressure. But now, thanks to the modern technology, we have so many devices to measure blood pressure. They are so easy to use and very accurate in their measurement as well. They are more sophisticated than the devices like such as Scipione Riva-Rocci's first Sphygmomanometer which we used a few years back.

Here are some of the new and technically sound and advanced devices to measure blood pressure.

a) Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
b) Mercury Sphygmomanometer
c) Semi-automated device
d) Automated device
e) Finger device
f) Wrist device

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
They are comparable to mercury sphygmomanometers in some respects such as cost, technique and performance. But its accuracy is in question. It does not use mercury as Mercury Sphygmomanometer but it can be easily damaged. And once it is damaged, it will show the inaccurate measurement to some extent. It is overall a good device to measure blood pressure.

Mercury Sphygmomanometer
Mercury Sphygmomanometer comprises of a mercury manometer, an upper arm cuff, a hand inflation bulb with a pressure control valve. While measuring blood pressure with the help of it you need to have a stethoscope. It is user friendly and can be used on anyone.

Semi-automated device
It comprises of a digital display, an upper arm cuff, a hand bulb and electronic monitor along with a pressure sensor. It deflates the cuff automatically but the cuffs inflated manually. It also displays systolic and diastolic values. It is powered by the battery. It is compact, very light and easy to use.

Automated device
This device consists of three prime things. These are an electronic monitor with a pressure sensor, a digital display and an upper arm cuff. In this device cuff is inflated electronically and inflation is quite adjustable. With a press of the start button it starts inflating the cuff automatically. It also stores the measurement of the blood pressure up to last ten measurements.

Finger device
Electronic monitor and a finger cuff give birth to this device. This device may also be attached to the finger. It is too battery powered.

Wrist device
In this device you will find an electronic monitor with a pressure sensor, a pump that electrically driven, and a wrist cuff. You can attach the device to your wrist. As for function, it is similar to the automated device. It is also powered by battery.

These are some of the technically advanced devices to measure blood pressure. You can opt any of these as per you requirement.