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The Alarming Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure

Sometimes, it has been noticed that low blood pressure also goes unnoticed for long periods because of its lack of defined signs and symptoms.

If your blood pressure level is low, it can cause various problems and disorders. The organs of the body will start malfunctioning and they may suffer permanent damages. Because of the low blood pressure there would be insufficient flow of blood to the brain, which can make the sufferer feel light-headed, dizzy, or he may even faint.

Apart from all these, the body also shows some sort of symptoms that are typical when you are suffering from low blood pressure. Here are some of the symptoms of low blood pressure:

1) Light-headedness
2) Dizziness
3) Palpitations
4) Blurred vision
5) Discomfort in the chest
6) Fainting or near fainting
7) Anxiety
8) Fatigue
9) Headache/migraine
10) Shortness of breath
11) Intolerance to heat
12) Feeling cold all over
13) Bloating after meals
14) Cognitive impairment
15) Numbness or tingling sensations
16) Generalized weakness
17) Reduced pulse pressure upon standing
18) Low back pain
19) Excessive sweating

Though these symptoms vary from person to person, their presence itself warranties for the long-postponed check-up.