BP Monitor

Ultrasound For Blood Pressure

It is very important for people living with high blood pressure and low blood pressure levels to undergo regular medical tests to diagnose properly their BP condition. This is for, health problems like high or low blood pressure never comes alone. They come with their own types of complication that can even bring death to the suffer, if unchecked!

So blood monitoring on a regular basis is very much required. To avoid any complications of the hypertension or hypotension you are required to undergo a test. That may be ultrasound, cardiac stress test or electrocardiogram.

As you know hypertension can also be caused by the kidney disorders, so examination of the kidney is of paramount importance. Nothing could be a better option than ultrasound test for the examination of the disease of the kidneys that is liable for the development of the hypertension.

Ultrasound test for blood pressure is almost compulsory. In ultrasound test high-frequency sound waves are made use of to see if there is any blockages in blood vessels and other organs of the body. With help of ultrasound, you can know about the kidney disorder very easily and conveniently.

Ultrasound test is performed in two ways. One is a regular ultrasound test and the other is Duplex Doppler exam. The former measures the size of the kidneys and the latter measures the rate of blood flow through them.

Using high-frequency sound waves Duplex Doppler test examines the blood flow in the major arteries and veins in the arms and legs. The ultrasound or radiology department is chosen to perform this test.

In Duplex Doppler exam, veins are examined by putting a water-soluble gel on the transducer and on the skin over the veins of the limb which is to be tested and arteries are examined by surrounding cuffs around the thigh, calf, and ankle to examine the legs.

During the veins examination blood flow on a Doppler examination generates a swishing sound and thus veins are evaluated by getting the visual image. While, during the examination of arteries, cuffs are placed at different points all along the hands. Thereafter a conductive paste is applied to the skin over the arteries which are to be examined and cuff is inflated till the blood pressure crosses the normal systolic blood pressure.

After finishing all this, transducer is placed near the cuff and then the cuff is deflated slowly. The moment swishing sound is heard, the measurement is recorded as the blood pressure, be it hypertension or hypotension.

This is how ultrasound test is performed for blood pressure testing.