Hypertension Treatment

ACE Inhibitors- Do They Cure Hypertension in African Americans?

Angiotensin Converting Enzyme or ACE inhibitors are hypertension treating drug. ACE Inhibitors prevent the formation of Angiotensin II which is responsible for the rise of blood pressure in the body. Angiotensin II restricts the movement of blood vessel muscles during the pumping of blood from the heart. ACE inhibitors are a drug that relaxes the blood vessels by lessening the power of Angiotensin II and thus reducing hypertension. This drug is increasingly gaining market as an effective anti hypertensive drug because of its qualities.

It is very effective when supplemented with diuretics. Also, it protects the kidneys. African Americans which account for around 12 percent of the US population are at a greater risk of deaths because of hypertension. Recently, researches have been made to study whether ACE inhibitors have the same soothing effect on the African Americans or not.

Many studies have revealed that ACE inhibitors can effectively lower blood pressure in African Americans as well. But, adequate doses of this drug and proper sodium dietary intake are also to be taken in consideration while taking this drug. One of the interesting facts that have been found in studies is that ACE inhibitor monotherapy is more effective on African Americans than on the white patients suffering from hypertension.

In another study which is the largest clinical trial on African Americans suffering from kidney diseases, ACE inhibitors have proved to be a more effective drug in treating kidney diseases resulting from hypertension. The study included about 1100 patients suffering from kidney diseases due to hypertension. They were given different types of ACE inhibitors and were asked to attain a definite level of blood pressure. After a certain time, kidney failure or death was prevented in most of the cases. Even patients who had low levels of urine protein benefited greatly from this drug.

ACE inhibitors have minimal side effects. They are more preferable for hypertension treatment than beta blockers, alpha blockers, and diuretics. People suffering from high cholesterol, asthma, and weak heart can also benefit from ACE inhibitors as this drug can improve their heart rate as well.

This drug may be all good and effective but pregnant women must stay away from it throughout their pregnancy as it can have harmful effects on them. They could suffer from dry cough, itching or rashes, allergies, swelling on lips, and an increased concentration of potassium in the body.

This drug should be taken on an empty stomach, preferably an hour before the meal. Constant monitoring of blood pressure and the kidneys is important while one is taking this medicine. Also, consult the doctor to get the exact prescription on number or dosages and duration of the treatment.