Hypertension Treatment

Advair Diskus: A Brief Overview On This Drug

It is not a direct medication for blood pressure as such. But it has something important to do with your high blood pressure. Even in asthma, it has no power to end a sudden attack. There are other medications available for that.

How should you use Advair Diskus?

The medication is used twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. To reduce the risk of possible infections, rinse thoroughly after each take.

What side effects may occur while using Advair Diskus?

It is this issue that needs to be taken care of.

Side effects can not be exact, nor will they inform you in advance. If you feel anything abnormal, please consult your doctor and ask him/her if it would be advisable for you to continue with the treatment.

The side effects reported by people taking Advair are close companions of the other serious disease, high blood pressure. Important among these are: Difficulty in speaking, fungal infection of the mouth, muscle pain, sore throat, upper respiratory infection or inflammation.

Some of the lessor known side effects are: blood in nasal mucus, heart palpitations, lower respiratory infections and tremors. If Advair Diskus causes any types of allergic reactions, stop using it immediately.

If you have high blood pressure and/or any type of heart problems, use of Advair Diskus is not advisable. If you feel any signs of these problems, alert your doctor immediately. Be extra vigilant and immediately stop using it if you develop chest pain, heart palpitations, nervousness, or tremor. It could make your condition worse.