Hypertension Treatment

Alternative Therapies for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that is experienced by almost every third person in the US. Till date there is no medication that can completely cure high blood pressure. Medications can be used only to bring high blood pressure back to normal and control it.

All the medications and therapies that are used are basically to lower the blood pressure in the patient. Herein we will look for some alternative therapies for high blood pressure that have over the years not only helped to reduce, but also to cure high blood pressure in a number of patients.

Studies had revealed that men and women who exercise regularly Irrespective of their  age group are at a lower risk of developing hypertension and other diseases. In fact a lot of clinical studies had also proved that regular physical exercise helps to decrease high blood pressure in a person.

Exercises that are very effective include aerobic exercises such as jogging; walking, cycling, swimming or skipping ad is recommended for hypertensive patients.

Progressive resistance exercise where the difficulty level increases only gradually is also very beneficial to reduce high blood pressure.  Needless to say, hypertensive patients should consult their physician before beginning an exercise program.

Stress, anger, tension are things that can trigger high blood pressure in a person very easily. Ancient methods of relaxation like yoga, Qigong, Tai chi are some effective therapies that help to relax and reduce blood pressure.

People who had tried these methods regularly for two to three months had experienced a decrease in the levels of hormones and also coped with anger and stress quite effectively. Slow breathing and mild exercise are two methods that most of these methods follow.

This is another method which has been effective in lowering hypertension in many patients. But this method has many weaknesses, so consult your doctor properly before going for this method.

A number of herbs help to reduce high blood pressure. These herbs are available in either their natural form or in the form of extracts, tinctures or pills. The one advantage that herbs have over traditional drugs is that they have a reduced incidence of side effects.

There is a lot of research being carried out in the direction if herbs and the role that they playing reducing hypertension.

Herbs may however interact with existing medication that you may be taking for hypertension or ay other condition. Do consult your physician before starting to take herbal formulations or her based medicines of any kind.