Hypertension Treatment

Alternative To Medication For Hypertension

Alternative to medication for hypertension means, various alternatives are available to hypertension patients if they don't want to go for medication. Proper diet and exercise is one of the easiest solutions to lower your blood pressure. To know more, read alternative treatment

Shedding weight through exercise is important for lowering blood pressure. Weight could be managed by eating a diet for high blood pressure that is low in saturated fat and sodium (salt), and high in complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes accompanied by regular physical exercise. Physically active people have little risk of developing high blood pressure.

Age old methods of relaxation, physical activity and breathing have been found very effective in controlling blood pressure. For example, Tai Chi, Oigong and Yoga have proved to be successful treatments of high blood pressure. Acupuncture is also an alternative therapy to cure high blood pressure.

Some popular herbs and supplements are both effective and safe in lowering blood pressure. Several supplements like, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), omega-3 fatty acids, and the amino acids: L-arginine and L-taurine have shown evidences of effectiveness.

Knowing which herbs to avoid is as important as knowing which ones will help. Some herbs like licorice, Ma Huang and yohimbine as well as excessive use of alcohol can cause increased blood pressure. Caffeine, cranberry juice and alcohol in small amounts are all weak diuretics that cause sodium and water loss through the urine, which helps lower blood pressure.

These are some alternative solutions to hypertension but observation of regular blood pressure readings is must along with it. Digital blood pressure cuffs are gaining popularity as blood pressure tester. It could be used for making blood pressure charts through constant measurement.