Hypertension Treatment

Benicar and High Blood Pressure

Benicar is an effective medicine to treat high blood pressure. Benicar blocks a type of hormone called Angiotensin II, helps the blood vessels in your body to expand and lowers your blood pressure. A combination of Benicar and diuretics helps to remove excess fluid from the body and thus lowers the blood pressure in the body.

An important thing to realize here is that this medicine does not completely cure high blood pressure but is very effective in keeping blood pressure under control.

How is this medication taken?

For effectively treating your blood pressure it is important that you take the medication in the right amount as well as at the right time. As regards Benicar, it takes a little time to show results or lower the blood pressure. But you should be regular in taking your medication once a day. Do not miss it! You should always store the drug in a cool place.

There are certain side effects of this medicine of which you should be aware. Examples of these side effects are dizziness, gout, nausea and upper respiratory infection.

Benicar should not be taken by pregnant women as it can lead to serious side effects for the fetus. It is also advisable to consult your doctor before taking such a drug to rule out any possible allergy to the drug.

When you first use Benicar there is a possibility that there might be a drastic reduction  in your blood pressure. Combined with diuretics this may further lower your blood pressure and aggravate your condition. Diuretics lessen the amount of water in the body and thus you can feel light headed, faint or dizzy. In case such side effects persist, you should immediately consult your doctor.

Some medications taken to treat heart diseases, blood pressure, as well as some potassium supplements may  affect the functioning of this drug. So consult your doctor before taking this medication.

Finally, although Benicar is a very good drug for lowering your blood pressure, there may be a number of side effects. Do not resort to self-medication of your blood pressure condition by using this drug. Always consult your doctor who is the best person to diagnose your condition and prescribe suitable medication.