Hypertension Treatment

Causes of Atypical Hypertension

Atypical hypertension is also known as secondary or non-essential hypertension. This refers to the kind of high blood pressure condition for which a definite cause is known, unlike primary hypertension in case of which no certain cause can be detected..

Atypical hypertension accounts for a small proportion of the hypertension cases – only about 5% to 10%.

Some common types of atypical hypertension are renovascular hypertension, hypertension secondary to endocrinal disorders (such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, etc.) or hypertension secondary to renal disorders. Renovascular hypertension refers to a state of co-existence of renal arterial vascular disease and high blood pressure.

Secondary or atypical high blood pressure may be caused due to temporary conditions, such as pregnancy or use of medication and drugs. This form of high blood pressure may also result from chronic and severe problems such as head injury, hormonal disorders, and kidney diseases.

Some other common causes of atypical high blood pressure may include excessive alcohol consumption, use of steroids and use of tobacco products like cigarettes, slow pulse rate, fever, cancer, and anaemia.

Some common symptoms include: sudden increase of blood pressure in persons with controlled blood pressure levels, development of high blood pressure in patients with negative family history for hypertension, abrupt increase (in blood pressure) of more than 160/100 in persons over fifty five years and/or sudden development of high blood pressure in persons under the age of thirty years.

Temporary causes of atypical hypertension, such as pregnancy, may not require any concrete form of treatment. The other causes may require some kind of prevention and control. Discontinuing the use of tobacco products, cutting down alcohol intake, and terminating the use of steroids may help in treating hypertension caused due to the usage of these products.

In secondary hypertension, since the root cause of the problem is known, it is rather easier to tackle and cure it. Thus, every attempt should be made to control the aggravation of this condition in time.