Hypertension Treatment

Is Celery Good For Curing High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension has become a very common problem today. Due to changing lifestyles and ever increasing pressures on all aspects of life, people are in search of ways that can help them fight victoriously from this suffering.

After all, the Mother Nature has gifted us so many foodstuffs to cure our diseases. Most of these foodstuffs contain some active ingredient(s) in them that not only helps in curing the problem, but also the related disorders in the body. Of them, the one that is very effective in curing high blood pressure and has been used for centuries is celery.

Celery is a biennial European plant that belongs to the parsley family. Celery has edible roots, leafstalks, leaves, and fruits from which you can take up hypertension benefits.

The most active ingredient present in celery is 3-n-butylpthalide. This is known to relax the tensed muscles of the arteries by dilating them. Besides, bringing direct relief in high blood pressure, it has also shown considerable good effects in lowering down the level of stress hormones in the body. The lowered stress hormones help in lowering down the blood pressure in return.

Besides, celery works like a natural diuretic agent too. So, consumption of celery seems good for people who are already on medication to lower high blood pressure. For, the active agent present in it would further improve the effectiveness of the medications.

The part of celery that is generally used by people to bring relief is- the sticks. However, the ideal recommendation for high blood pressure is not more than four sticks of celery a day. It can also be used in the form of oil for reducing high blood pressure and the related disorders.

But there are several recent studies that have come up with something else about the use of celery. According to these studies, celery has sodium content in them, and because of which, it can work in the direction of increasing blood pressure, rather than curing it. Besides, it contains certain elements that can be toxic for the body when consumed in large quantities. These statements certainly make the use of celery ambiguous.

Therefore, the best advice here is to consult a good medical practitioner before making your mind for using celery for high blood pressure. Only a good advice can land you up on safe grounds.