Hypertension Treatment

Common Medicines For Hypertension Control

High blood pressure could be easily cured if the reason behind it is diagnosed. Based on the causes triggering hypertension, medicines are prescribed accordingly. But, all these medicines to lower high blood pressure should be taken under strict consultation with doctor. To know more about some common medicines, read common medicines

But, before understanding the use of high blood pressure medicines, you should understand that blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood being pumped by your heart and by the stretch-ability of your blood vessels. To decrease blood pressure you need to decrease the volume of blood being pumped andor relax the blood vessels so the opening is larger thereby decreasing the resistance to blood flow. High blood pressure medicines are as follows-

1) Diuretics: This is one of the high blood pressure medicines. It decreases the symptoms of hypertension in two different ways. It is a very effective treatment of high blood pressure. First, when taken at low doses, some diuretics cause the blood vessels to relax. Secondly, diuretics cause sodium and water loss through urination, this reduces the volume of blood.

2) Beta-blockers: These medications greatly lower down blood pressure by reducing responses to impulses from the central nervous system. It lowers your heart rate (decreasing the volume pumped) and keeps your blood vessels from constricting (getting smaller).

3) Calcium channel blockers: These medicines reduce the flow of calcium into the cells which slows the heart rate and relax the blood vessels.

4) Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors: These medications inhibit an enzyme that is a part of the substance that tightens blood vessels, therefore causing them to relax. ACE inhibitors should be used with caution with many other drugs used to cure high blood pressure.

Along with high blood pressure medicines, it is advisable to take high blood pressure readings constantly. Before prescribing high blood pressure medicines the doctors must ensure what causes high blood pressure as there are various reasons of the same. Keeping blood pressure tester at home would be of great help. Digital blood pressure cuffs are easier to keep at home. Preparing blood pressure charts at home is an effective way to analyse the worth of high blood pressure medicines being consumed.