Hypertension Treatment

High Blood Pressure Herb Medication

Nearly seven years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and that would not be something new you are hearing, right! I know since millions are there who have high BP, but the difference between those and mine was that, at that time I was just 22 years old and it was indeed alarming to have blood pressure at such young age.
My doctor was confused and asked the attendant to bring two other Blood pressure cuffs and diagnosed with the three of them and found that the average of all the three gave the same results. He was quite worried that this silent killer that was so long bothered the elders has now victimized young people like me. My stress of work was the reason for it.
At that age I couldn't be given the usual medicines of blood pressure since they have side effects and I was too young to take those powerful medicines. Hence my doctor asked me to for 'high blood pressure herb medication'. Yes, herb medicines are prepared from natural herbs, and shrubs that pose no side effects and also treat the maladies effectively.
The herbal medicines are again multi-task performers. Besides reducing high blood pressure, they also supply other supplements to cure associated problems. High blood pressure is often associated with anxiety, sleep disorder etc. So, I tried high blood pressure herb medications and today I'm completely free from high blood pressure.
There are many herbal medicines meant for high blood pressure. They are prepared either formulating Ayurvedic medicinal knowledge or Chinese herbal medication or any other traditional herbal concepts. The herbs that are used in blood pressure herbal medicines are-
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera): The Ashwagandha herb is one of the highly valued herbs. These kind of herbs have healthful action on the various functioning of nervous system, countering high blood pressure. The particular herb also corrects loss of memory which may be due to illness, long term stress and overwork.
Red Clover Powder (Trifolium Pratense): This herb acts as an effective astringent, antacid, nervine tonic, cardiotonic and diuretic.
These kind of herbs are incorporated in preparing the medicines to combat high blood pressure. Since they are natural and nutraceutical, they pose no side effects to your body.