Hypertension Treatment

How Lipitor Works To Control Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is not an ordinary disease. It can not be treated in isolation. Any medication, whether it is for high blood pressure or low blood pressure, has the potential to leave room for several side effects, some of which, may be dangerous. Blood pressure is in itself a dangerous disease. Coupled with equally strong side-effects, it assumes the level of ‘impossible to control’ diseases.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to control blood pressure. Various medicines, for this purpose, are available in the market. One such medicine is Lipitor.

The other name for Lipitor is atorvastatin calcium. It was introduced in the area of heart disease/ blood pressure about 10 years ago. Since then, its application and trial have been an ongoing process. It has earned its name at world level as an excellent cholesterol-lowering therapy. It is usually prescribed for patients with type 2 diabetes. But, it can also be administered to a blood pressure patient because of its ability to lower cholesterol levels.

Those who took the Lipitor treatment had favorable results to report. The cholesterol level of such patients was reported to be near normal. They experienced a 50% less chance of strokes. This, when, Lipitor was taken with adequate diet control plans and exercise. It has indeed proved to be the match-winner, for patients with cardiovascular diseases. Patients who have relatively low cholesterol levels, but who are at high risk due to multiple risk factors, benefit extensively from Lipitor treatment.

But those with liver problems—caution! Lipitor is not meant for you. Also, it is not advised for pregnant women, nursing women and women who are expecting to be pregnant.

After taking Lipitor, do not presume or imagine, that all would be well with your blood pressure. Of course, you have to take the doses in consultation with your family doctor, but still it is your duty to report any unusual developments in the state of your health to your doctor. For example, unusual muscle pain or weakness, serious drug interactions, causing problems to your liver function and the likes, may be in the offing.

Before recommending the Lipitor, your doctor will do a drug test to get an idea of your compliance to it. He may modify or discontinue the dose. But some side effects are inevitable. These are: heartburn, stomach pain, constipation and gas. However, insignificant may be the complaint, if it persists, go and consult your doctor immediately.