Hypertension Treatment

Hypertension Cure Through Natural Treatment

Natural remedy for hypertension are of various types. Exercise and diet control are considered to be two old ways to lower high blood pressure. Stress management could be another natural way to treat it. If you want to know more about it, read natural treatment.

Diet control is of crucial importance to ensure required consumption of magnesium and calcium. Complex carbohydrate rich food is suggested. Fruits, vegetable and whole grains are advisable. Beans and molasses are specially beneficial.

Along with diet, exercise is also important. But, exercises should be carried out in consultation with a physician. Weight control should be a complimentary objective along with exercise.

If you smoke, better quit smoking. In this way, you would be able to lower down blood pressure. Excessive alcohol usage should be immediately checked. If you are constantly under stress, you are likely to have high blood pressure. So, stress management is quite handy to cure high blood pressure.

Hawthorn plant could be used to reduce blood pressure levels. It also facilitates smooth circulation and slows down the heart beat. Vitamin E works as an anti oxidant and helps reduce mild hypertension.

Garlic works as a natural medicine for treatment of high blood pressure by checking clot formation in blood vessels. It also keeps blood circulation smooth. Another antioxidant, ubiquinone or Co O10 is also helpful for the same purpose. It is usually extracted from fish. Some ayurvedic medicines have also been found useful in lowering high blood pressure.

Some traditional herbal cure from China have also gone global as blood pressure herbal remedy. It is usually taken in combination with acupuncture treatment. Along with these natural cures, regular blood pressure measurement must not be skipped.