Hypertension Treatment

 Know About High Blood Pressure Treatment

If you have high blood pressure, it is  essential for you to visit a physician for a diagnosis and undergo treatment. Chronic blood pressure nay have a number of adverse effects and may be responsible for heart disease, stroke, kidney damage and other diseases.

High blood pressure treatment consists of a combination of various medicines and lifestyle changes.

There are various categories of medicines that may be prescribed to treat high blood pressure. The doctor may prescribe a single category of medicine or a combination of medicines across categories depending upon the underlying causes and symptoms.

The categorization of these medicines is based on the effect that a particular medicine has on your body. For example, the doctor may prescribe just a diuretic to reduce the volume of water in your body if there is water retention.

Beta-blockers are another category of medicines that help to reduce your heartbeat. Similarly, treatment may be symptomatic and doctors may prescribe a beta-blocker in combination with a diuretic in case medicines from both categories are required.

In a different situation, a doctor may an ACE (Angiotensin–converting enzyme) inhibitor with a diuretic to reduce blood pressure. ACE inhibitors help to dilate the blood vessels and improve the circulation of blood.

The ACE inhibitors will reduce the production of Angiotensin, the hormone responsible for constricting the muscles of the arteries. This combination is very effective in treating high blood pressure and is very commonly prescribed. The diuretic will remove the excess fluids from the body and the ACE inhibitor will relax the arteries and promote blood flow.

If you suspect that you are suffering from hypertension, you should not resort to self-medication or use OTC drugs. These may not have the desired effect or may have undesirable consequences.