Hypertension Treatment

Medication For Hypertension May Lead To Complication

Hypertension medicines some times give way to complications that are equally dangerous for health. So, while taking medication patients must know about side effects in order to be ready to counter them.

Most commonly used medicine diuretics often result in side effects. So, it's dose must be monitored. Thiazide and other such medicines lower your body's supply of an important mineral called potassium. You can prevent potassium loss by eating foods high in potassium. In order to correct this side effect, potassium pill is suggested along with diuretics. Diabetics must take extreme precaution as diuretics tend to increase blood pressure level.

Another anti hypertensive medicine called Beta-blockers result in insomnia, cold hands and feet, a slow heartbeat and symptoms of asthma. It also has been found to cause impotency in men.

Hypertension patients who use calcium channel blockers often experience palpitations (feeling your heart beating in your chest), swollen ankles, constipation, headache or dizziness. Side effects with individual Calcium channel blockers differ greatly.

If ACE inhibitors are used then side effects like loss of taste, coughs and most importantly kidney damage is likely to occur.

So, you must lower your blood pressure through blood pressure medication that results in least side effects. Controlling blood pressure must not be at the cost of another complication.