Hypertension Treatment

Medication For Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary high blood pressure could be treated with a number of medicines. But, medications provided are different for different patients depending upon the origin and gravity of hypertension. General medication for pulmonary hypertension include endothelin receptor antagonist, dilators , anticoagulants, calcium chjannel blockers and alike. To know more, read pulmonary veno occlusive

Vasodilators remove constriction in pulmonary blood vessels thus reducing problems like short breathing and pain in the chest. Epoprestenol and prostacyclin are commonly used medicines of this group that are given through intravenous catheter and have proved to be successful medication for pulmonary hypertension.

A greater dose of calcium channel blockers provides relaxation to the wall muscles of blood vessels. A few commonly prescribed channel blockers are nifedipine, diltiazem, amlodipine and alike. However, these medicines are effective only in less severe cases of pulmonary high blood pressure.

Another medication for pulmonary hypertension is Endothelin receptor antagonists. Endothelin receptor antagonists are meant to inhibit the effects of endothelin, a substance in the blood vessel walls that gives way to constriction of the blood vessels. Bocentan is one such medicine.

Anticoagulants are very helpful in controlling blood pressure, for example warfarin is consumed to decrease the possibility of blood clots that may impede smooth flow of blood.

Diuretics, or water pills are general medicine for all types of hypertension and they help decrease excess fluid from the body through urine. It decreases pressure on heart and allows heart to function smoothly without any extra pressure.

These are some common medicines. But, before consuming them, it is mandatory to know what causes high blood pressure. Controlling blood pressure incase of pulmonary hypertension requires great care and monitoring as little negligence may give way to disastrous consequences. Very few herbs are known to lower blood pressure incase of pulmonary constriction. So, blood pressure herbal remedy can't be that effective in this genre of hypertension. Keeping blood pressure monitor at home is quiet handy. Digital blood pressure cuffs could also be kept at home. Medication must be followed by regular blood pressure measurement to show desired results.