Hypertension Treatment

Medication Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure results from more work of the heart forcing the blood into arteries and excessive pressure on the walls of the blood vessels by the circulating blood. The malady may lead to other serious complications like- heart attack, diabetes complication, renal kidney failure, eye damage etc.

Though hypertension is often associated with people having more than 55 years of age, yet younger people too become victim of it at times. To reduce the intensity of hypertension and ensure a longer life people follow 'medication hypertension' program that includes prescribed medicines by a doctor and some changes in lifestyle.

Hypertension is a very critical disease and some times single medication doesn't work. Then comes the requirement of combining two or more medicines or increasing the dosage of the existing treatment.

Doctors often prescribe medication hypertension program since the medicines act effectively in reducing the pressure levels and at the same time reduce the possibilities of any sort of complications associated with high blood pressure or hypertension.

Basically the medicines of hypertension are called antihypersensitives and they are classified under various headings. The main classes of medication hypertension prescribed include:

1) angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors

2) diuretics

3) calcium channel blockers

4) beta blockers

5) alpha blockers

6) angiotensin II receptor blockers

All these medications work in specific manner to reduce the hypertension and some times they are used in combination. The combination is required because the blood pressure may not respond to a single medicine and the body has a tendency to overcome the application of one medicine and hence two or three combined gives no chance at all.

Taking into consideration that people find it difficult to swallow down two three pills or tablets together, combined formula products have been introduced. Now one can find a wide range of medicines that carry the compounds of two or more classes of hypertension medicines. Some of the commonly prescribed combined medications include hydrochlorothiazide and one of the following ACE inhibitors:

a) lisinopril

b) enalapril

c) cilazapril

d) quinapril