Hypertension Treatment

Medications To Raise Blood Pressure Levels

It has been estimated that around 2 million Americans suffer from a high blood pressure or hypertension. The ailment can lead to many other chronic ailments such as coronary heart diseases, kidney failure, increased chances of a stroke, and a host of other complications. The problem becomes of a major concern since the disease leads to untimely and premature death of a person. Astonishingly the problem has also been traced in children. This might be attributed to the fact of increasing stress in the modern world.

The basic goal of the treatment of high blood pressure is to try and curtail the pressure and its triggers as much as possible. It’s not necessary that the treatment be carried within the premises of a doctor and under the supervision of medical experts. It basically entails to a change in the lifestyle in the affected patient. This would include a strict discipline and a healthy dietary regimen and avoid eating disorders. The severity of the disease is marked by many factors including your stage of pregnancy, or if you are a diabetic.

There are a variety of medications which differ in their approach to the problem. They maybe a variety of blockers such as angiostensin receptor or converting blockers, calcium channel blockers or diurectics which may deal with beta blockers. In case you have an extremely high blood pressure, your doctor may subscribe you to minoxidil, hydralazine, nitroprusside or the diazoxide. These drugs maybe used in isolation or individually or maybe also combined with other drugs and medications to reduce blood pressure. Beta blockers are often used to curb the side-effects of adrenaline hormones. Calcium channel blockers primarily perfect the working of the blood vessels by relaxing the walls and smoothening out any tension. Angiotensin blocks the arteries and constricts the tissues and muscles present in the blood vessels. Hence, to avoid their route of problem, we use medicines against them.