Hypertension Treatment

Olive Oil and Hypertension

Olive oil is procured from the fruit of the olive tree. Traditionally found in the Mediterranean basin, it has been used since ancient times for cooking, lighting lamps, massage, and also in soaps and cosmetics.

Also referred to as the “Mediterranean miracle”, olive oil is very healthy. If included in one’s daily diet plan, it can improve life expectancy and reduce cases of death due to heart disease and certain cancers. It also helps to avert the onset of many deadly diseases.

It is useful for decreasing the glucose levels, and is therefore, also beneficial in curing diabetes. It increases the production of antioxidants that help to fight age and disease. By fighting disease and improving longevity, it helps in slowing down the process of aging.

It helps lower the cholesterol levels, without affecting the good cholesterol, and is therefore, very good for the heart.

Olive oil contains oleic acid, which is a mono-unsaturated fatty acid, and polyphenols that help reduce the blood pressure. Polyphenolic compounds also protect the blood vessels.

Many people wonder “Can I use olive oil to reduce high blood pressure?” The answer is yes; it is very curative and effective in reducing high blood pressure. Olive oil has been a primary component of the Mediterranean diet. Research has indicated that persons who regularly eat Mediterranean diets have lower blood pressure levels than others.

Olive oil intake reduces the necessity of taking anti-hypertensive drugs and medicines. It helps in decreasing both systolic and diastolic pressures. About three ounces of this magical oil taken daily can considerably reduce blood pressure.

Olive oil also scores over butter, coconut oil, palm oil, and sunflower oil in terms of its health benefits. It is more effective than any of these oils in lowering hypertension levels.

But, people who have found the answer to their question, “Can I use olive oil to reduce high blood pressure?” must keep a few things in mind while using olive oil. To begin with, it should be kept away from light and moisture. It should be purchased only in small amounts, as large quantities of unused olive oil often begins to get spoiled and may need to be thrown away.

Most importantly, the use of olive oil should always be done in limited and moderate amounts because its health benefits accrue only if used in the right measure.